How it Works

Finally, it's digitized

How it Works

Leverage trusted, powerful global data at scale


Collection Coordination of Intelligence Requirements Management (CCIRM™) is your digital intelligence backbone that is fully integrated and delivered to you via a cloud endpoint.

CCIRM™ is used as an operational intelligence framework throughout NATO and the global intelligence community for problem-sets of any size. Manage everything in one workspace – assign tasks, set requirements and watch performance metrics in real-time.

Atreides automatically indexes your knowledge base, eradicates duplication of effort, and digitizes your organization’s tradecraft for the 21st century.

Be up and running in minutes with a fully data-driven intelligence collection plan (ICP). Enable better decision-making with an evidence-based approach that supports real-time collaboration among managers, practitioners and partners across government.

The Power of Simplicity

Atreides enriches and integrates large amounts of cross-domain data and makes it accessible to non-technical users so they can derive constant insight and support decision-making. Simply put, we make it easy to empower everyone in your organization to leverage powerful data at scale, not just a small number of technical specialists. 

Direct teams & collaborate in an integrated environment

Bring-your-own-data and fuse with ours

Data Sovereignty
On premise, private cloud, public cloud, including higher classifications

Mission Agnostic
Any problem set, anytime

Unlock Workforce
Transform whole workforce into specialists

Real-time Knowledge Transfer
Eliminate data silos and mass duplication